Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some common questions regarding JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is there any restriction in becoming an Affiliate?
I would love to be a JoyAmaze® Affiliate. I’m living outside the United States.
Do I need to pay tax from the commission earned?


How much does it cost to join JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program?
How do I keep track of my sales and referrals?

Sub-Affiliate/ Tier 1 Member

My friend joins JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program as my sub-affiliate, why I am unable to either find his name in my system or receive the commission from his purchase? My ID is (the ID is case sensitive information), His ID is (the ID is case sensitive information).
I want to refer affiliates as my Tier 1 members.
Where can I find my "Tier Linking Code"?

Affiliate Promotion How-to

How and where can I advertise JoyAmaze® products?
Can I request custom links or banners?
How can I get a custom discount coupon code?
How much of a discount can I get as an affiliate coupon code?


How much do I get paid?
What is the average of commission I can get from a sale?
When and how often do I get paid?
How do I receive the payment of commission?
Is there a probability I might not receive commission from referred sales?
Does the $25 sign-up bonus calculated into the initial $100 payment threshold?
Is there a commission payout threshold?
Do I earn commissions on personal orders?
Why do JoyAmaze® give an affiliate 20% commission from affiliate referred customer but only 5% commission of sub-affiliate purchase?

How it Works

Where do I obtain links and advertising banners to promote JoyAmaze® products?
How does JoyAmaze® track affiliates referrals and commissions?
How long should I expect JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program tracking cookies to remain active?
Are tracking cookies overwritten by other affiliate links/ tracking cookies?
Is there a tracking method that overrides the other?
How does Coupon Code commissions tracking work?
Does my coupon code expire?
Can I use my affiliate coupon code for personal orders?

Affiliate S.O.S

If I have a problem with my JoyAmaze® Affiliate Account, who do I need to contact?


I want to become your distributor in Aloha.
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