JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program

This is the marketing program that will reward you handsomely with a fair percentage of sales commission for your initiative and ingenuity in promoting JoyAmaze® functional beverage.

JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program

Earning extra income and free product is easy. Join JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program, an easy-to-do online marketing program. We provide all the attractive, interactive and non-interactive marketing materials and promotional tools such as buttons, product image, banner, text hyperlink etc. All you need to do is upload any of the promotional tools to your web site, social media page or e-mail them to your family and friends. You don’t need to be a marketing whiz to do successful affiliate marketing. The navigation system we use also enables you to monitor your marketing progress. Here, you can personally keep track of your commission, sub-affiliates, traffic log, payment history etc.

Monthly Earning

When someone clicks the promotional tools on your web site, or social media page or e-mail, they will be transported to JoyAmaze® online store. And if that person makes a successful purchase, you will receive 20% commission from that sale. And if you manage to accumulate at least $ 100 in sales commission, you can convert the commission into a product voucher or simply receive cash payout.

Customization Request

Customize a banner or a coupon code to match the uniqueness of your web site or social media page or even your personality. JoyAmaze® accepts any request for custom-made promotional tools from an affiliate. Just e-mail us with your request and the details and we will design the banner or coupon code according to your specification.

The Sign-up Process

Register now for the JoyAmaze® Affiliate Program. Once our team has reviewed your web site or social media page, you will receive an approval e-mail. Upon approval, you will have your own Affiliate Management account, where you get all the marketing tools equipped with special links that you can put on the web site, the social page or send through e-mail to anybody you know. The moment someone clicks the link from your site or e-mail and buys something from our online store, we’ll give you a commission. Amazingly easy, isn't it?


Business Opportunity

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